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The organs of the body of men are very much like women!


Every man wants to know which parts of their body women are very much liked. A little research has recently done in this regard. In the study, about 100 women are asked the question of which of their organs are most likely to be their favorite. The lower limbs come up as proportional to their answer.  Let’s know:


1. Wide shoulders

Most of the women are told that they like men’s shoulders very much. According to them, the higher the shoulder whose shoulders is more hot and handsome.


2. Wide bust:


Another of the attractive organs of men is their wide breast. There are many men who went to the gym to create an unusual body. Not like this kind of male body but those who are naturally wide open, they like women. They also like the nape of these men with a wide breast. Most women say they feel more attracted when they are scared.


3. Interesting muscles:


The muscular man likes to see anyone. However, many of the abnormal muscles created are disliked by women. Women say that the man looks very attractive when his muscular arm blossoms through the T-shirt.


4. Sweetlips:


Many women comment that such a lip is not only attractive to women but also a man’s lips can be more attractive and lucid. However, most women prefer more than lip-laden men.


5. Tongue:


There is no doubt that women’s preferences in men’s organs also include tongue. The role of the tongue during emotional kisses or physical interaction is remarkable. So many women like this tongue of men.

6. Healthy hands:


There are many men who do not have the right to health compared to their age. That means their hands are very unhealthy. Women do not like men like arms. They prefer healthy hands, where there will be no extra fat and will not be too dry.

7. Interesting hip:


Apart from the beauty of women’s hips, there should also be the beauty of the male’s hip as well. Hip’s health is not less, nor does it require more fat-like hip women. So it is seen that women have a lot of prominence among the organs too.

8. Healthy genitals:


Naturally, the most attractive men’s organs of women’s choice are healthy genitals. As an inch, it should be healthy and attractive. Things that women want for genitalia, the ginger should be smell-free, clear, disease-free and enjoyable.

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