HomeEducation GuidelineWriting ” ICT in Education ” paragraph answering questions.

Writing ” ICT in Education ” paragraph answering questions.

ICT Education

What does ICT mean?

What is the history of ICT?
What is its role in Educatin?
What in its present position all over of the world

ICT stands for information and communication Technology. The phrase information and communication technology has been used by academic researchers since the 1980s. The term ICT became popular after it was used in a report to the UK govt by Dennis Stevenson in 1997. At the same time it was used in the revised National Curriculum for England. In education it is playing in important role. The students can easily gather information sitting at home. In case of necessity within the shortest possible time , the students can coummunicate with required educational institutes all over of the world. In education, at present it is widely used. Exam taking, syllabus providing , admission, registration , data sheet prepared all are done through ICT. From form filling up to exam sheet marking all are possible in ICT . In Bangladesh it has a bright future. Now the students and the education system are totally dependent on information technology. But we should stop the missuse of ICT to ensure its highest benefit for all. We should reach its advantages to the all sectors of the country. And then will reach our goal.

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