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Know to history of the international mother language of Bangladesh.

The International Mother Language Day is a red letter day in the history of Bangladesh. Formerly it was known as ” Langugae Martyrs Day ” , but now it has been recognized internationally as the ” International Mother Language Day ” on 17 November, 1999 by UNESCO. At present this day is observed all over the world to show love for mother longue. In our country it is observed as a national mourning day. This is the day on which a lot of young Banglis laid down their lives to uphold the right of their mother language. This is known as language movement. The seed of Language Movement was sown on 21 March 1948 when Mohammed Ali Zinnah, the then governor General of Pakistan, at a public meeting in Dhaka declared that Urda would be the only state language of Pakistan.

The then students of Dhaka University brought out a peaceful protest procession against the declaration on 21 February 1952. When the procession reached near Dhaka Medical College, police fired on the procession.

Salam, Barkat, Rafique, Jabbar including others were shot dead in the language movement procession against the illegal ruling party of Pakistan. Every year we observe the day with profound solemnity and great respect for the martyrs. Early in the morning the whole nation comes to the martyrs monument to pay homage and due respect to the departed souls. People of all walks of life come here bare-footed in procession and offer flowers and wreaths to show honour to the martrys. People keep them silent for some minutes in honour and remembrance of the language martrys. Goverment and non-goverment organizations arrange programmes to celebrate the day. On the ocasion national programmes are paticipated by the President, Prime Minister, and other high officials of goverment. Newspapers publish special supplements on the occasion. Televion channels and radio stations broadcast special programmes highlighting the significances of the day. Prayer is held in public prayer halls throughout the country for the salvation of the martrys. This day inspires the people to love their mother language. We should do everything to save the honour of our mother language.

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