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How to pin Verification for Google Adsense.

Adsense Pin Verification Tips


Adsense is a dream for many people who want to earn online. All AdSense publishers can not successful.”

Adsense account verification is a common problem. When your Adsense account will be $ 10 and the tax form will ask you to verify your Adsense account Adsense authorities. Since you’re Bangladeshi, so you can be sure that your account will get a full dollar check. Do not give any text. To verify your account need pin (PIN = personal identification number). This pin sent your address। But if you give address incorrect, don’t reach letter. Your account may be disabled. when you give the right address, you will receive pin. Because many people may have the same name. 3 times in a row does not submit within 180 days of the request pin, otherwise, the account would disable authorities Adsense. Pin 3 times in the first 90 days to send. If not receive your PIN to verify your account, there is another way. Among the next 90 days. Since your Adsense account means that there are over 18 and have your voter ID. Because- if apply someone under the age of 18 will not be approved. If you do not submit your PIN after 3 times request be an option in your account to interact with them. Where you will be required to prove that you are the owner of this account. So your national identity card (both sides) to scan pdf form sent to your mobile number and address.

So, your National Identity Card (both sides) scan with your mobile number and address with the sent pdf size. I hope 24 hours alone inside Verify will be permanent.

I am 10 minutes inside the got a mail From adsense-noreply@google.com.
Thank you for sending your proof of identity. I’m happy to let you know that this fulfills the address verification requirement for AdSense. You no longer need to enter a PIN.
The Google AdSense

The first time mobile Verification submitted late for them. They can Verify.
Then scan the pdf to the size of the picture we sent it to cause.. Top Three Photos, there is another image address written in hand. That’s how much acceptance right could not say. Pin Verification when trouble went to link this washer. The public can mail id and pdf file is connected to the deck.

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