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Let’s go know-unknown of ” Google Adsense Approve ” 40 questions and answers. [part-1]

Question ?

Get to approve Google Adsense Non-Hosted Account, I have a few questions……



#1. How many articles minimum stay before apply?

From 30 to 50 is good. If more than good.


#2. Without page About Us ….. Contact …. Privacy & Policy, what else must be? Or is it better?

About Us, Contact, Privacy & Policy & DMCA should be. Remember as well, that there is no blank in the categories. Must be minimum 5-7 content per category. So, more is better.


#3. Banner advertising through Google Adwords by Google, what benefits may be available to Google Non-Hosted Account? or how much get priority for Adsense approve?

  Answer:  Any advertising by Google Adwords, but no extra facilities for AdSense Approve there. Google has no such policy.


#4. If I’m used Content Image from the Google Search, approve can be found? Or just to be Unique Image and Unique Article Publish?

   Answer: Unique Image of the best. However, never don’t copyright image from Google. If you take copyright image, must be change image title and size. Google has no such policy.


#5. How many words in the article, would be better?

Answer: Every article from 400 to 500 word. Once more the better.


#6. What is needs to create Check List before Apply for Google Adsense?


*Must check all content unique 80% to 90% & there is inside the Google policy.
    ** Check all the important pages on your site whether the right to be.
    *** Properly index the site content is 40 to 50 whether see from webmaster tools.
    **** Site Design and SEO friendly user must check whether the.
    ***** Normally navigation and layout to keep all the necessities.
    ****** Some Organic Keywords rise to the top in the search engines Rank, the extra fairy can be.
    (Although Content is big King)

when some of these checks properly, if you apply for AdSense a site by 50 to 60 days old, your site 100% sure approved.

Question 2:

Non-Hosted Adsense Alexa rank for any impact?

Answer: No.

Question 3:

Brother, if the article is spam and copy are passed from Google Scape premium, Adsense will be approved?

Answer: Thus, many have tried, no one has received. Unique in the article are easily available. Article spam not.

Question 4:

#1. if the domain name in 6 words, will be any problem?

Answer:  No, problem. However, I would suggest that the domain name Choose Keywords Target. It would be much better.

#2. If unique article image copy from google and publish, will be any problem?

Answer: Google’s copyright is sealed / Protection does not take images. Bu, if you take images from Google, must be changed title and size of the images. I hope, will be no problem.

Question 5:

There are 40 to 50 unique articles on my site. But traffic is very low. can get AdSense on this site?

Answer:  Google wants good quality content. Visitors, not fact. Top Level Domain, About, Contact, Privacy & DMCA if all the pages stay right, get approval.

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