HomeGoogle AdsenseLet’s go know-unknown of ” Google Adsense Approve ” 40 questions and answers. [part-2]

Let’s go know-unknown of ” Google Adsense Approve ” 40 questions and answers. [part-2]

Let’s go know-unknown of ” Google Adsense Approve ” 40 questions and answers. [part-1]

Question 6 :

Bangladesh is the non hosted for more than a niche approve? Any Suggestion to start a new blog for quick approval. I mean which niche get approval easily?

Answer :

Good question. Most of the time I approval more sites by Smartphone review, Education Result & Technology .

Question 7 :

I can use google adsense for Subdomain?

Answer :

Yes .. but must be approved first by the top-level domain. Subdomain then be able to use AdSense.

Question 8 :

Adsense aprovee will be on troll site ? what need types content?

Answer :

If the site topic it does not violate of google & good quality content from 40 to 50 post on the site , can be adsense approved. I’ll suggest a product base and make information site. Example: Smartphone review, Technology tips, health tips approval of these things will get faster.

Question 9 :

What is the minimum to be words of the website article?

Answer :

Between 400 and 500 words are very good. If not, it may show insufficient Content.

Question : 10

which site posible approval for adsense without blog? Exmple: Answer Question, How to etc. …?

Answer :

Good quality of the site, if such authority + Alexa Rank 1 million down to it. SEO should be minimum 5 to 7 months. If you have a chance to get.

Question 11 :

#1. How as Nish “blogspot tutorial”? Get with it?
#2. blogspot.com domain at the top, I better add? Or will add hosting domain purchase?

Answer :

#1. web Design, SEO, Graphic tutorial tips or technology sites with AdSense is approved easily.
#2. hosting a WordPress site will be made better. Get more benefits for SEO.

Question 12 :

If the visitor facebook from my site, will adsense then what?

Answer :

Google made all law-abiding sites, AdSense will Visitors though. Demand from the Visitor’s visit Facebook more than Google’s search engine. Therefore, more emphasis should be SEO.

Question 13 :

What is the difference between Hosted and non-hosted adsense?

Answer :

Hosted Adsense & Non Hosted Adsense … Hosted only difference between the actual Youtube & Blogger at Google’s site to use. However, I heard after 2014 the problem Hosted Adsense ads to show on Blogger. Non Hosted Adsense on their own at the maximum 500 Website can be used. Same 68% revenue sharing.

Question 14 :

you giving insist on good quality article. Well, brother, it is desired to check the quality of what is good or bad to have a site or software? What are good times to be a complete article?

Answer :

Here are all the popular tools. You can check with them https://www.google.com/search?q=Plagiarism+Checker&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a&gws_rd=ssl Paid tools show better results.

Question 15 :

#1. I have a blog. Blogger domain has not yet been set. A few days will be the domain set. So far, 50 have been posted. All posts 80% unique. 100+ visitor comes to my blog every day. After a long time to approve the domain set can get adsense apply.
#2. What do I say good quality content, brother? Would you tell me.
#3. If any of my content is a problem & I can understand when you apply on roadsides. If you delete the content in the post again with fresh content, apply again if I ever get the problem will approve?

Answer :

#1. Where do you set? Blogger? I have not. Make your own website in WordPress. WP Best SEO Friendly smile emoticon. However, if you set the Blogger domain, please apply one month later. Once approved you will receive better quality content.
#2. Fresh content is free to copy and paste. Grammar Of course, sentence. It should be kept in mind how much % unique. I hope you understand.
#3. If you delete will be in danger. 404 not Found come. And the site will lose Rank. Content update or re – write better.

Let’s go know-unknown of ” Google Adsense Approve ” 40 questions and answers. [part-3]

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