HomeGoogle AdsenseLet’s go know-unknown of ” Google Adsense Approve ” 40 questions and answers. [part-3]

Let’s go know-unknown of ” Google Adsense Approve ” 40 questions and answers. [part-3]

Let’s go know-unknown of ” Google Adsense Approve ” 40 questions and answers. [part-2]

Question 16 :

#1. If the website beyond the age of 3 months and in 250 posts Unique below 50% of the 100 posts, then what can be found AdSense?
#2. Which is more important to get the AdSense Approve .. ‘unique post’ or ” traffic ” ?

Answer :

With less chance of such sites. It will take 80% + unique article. you can get. AdSense is important for the unique post.

Question 17 :

What is Non Hosted Google Adsense? If the little details, please …

Anwer :

Approve the Google AdSense account with your own site’s Non Hosted Google Adsense. This is an account that you can use to add 500 website.

Question 18 :

if I’m blogging in blogspot.com , get Adsense?

Answer :

Adsense were given approve in 2011-2012. Now hear, is that any one get approve by blogspot. If you want to take Non Hosted adsense, you must be need own domain. Free with a sub-domain is not.

Question 19 :

Hosted account convert to non hosted account?

Answer 19 :

Yes…… you can, on the site as Google AdSense account Policy to add the site. Google will review. So if you add that all is well (.Com). .Com Will not add any more problems. However, the Non Hosted Account are easily available.

Question 20 :

Privacy & DMCA How would the content of the page? Rewrite somebody will see, not what you write unique. What’ll generate a tool?

Answer :

Privacy and the tools will generate the DMCA pages are all the same.

Question 21 :

Free domain hosting site. For example (.tk) & ooowebhost to create sites to be found adsense?

Answer :


Question 22 :

#1. Developed countries such as USA, UK, Spain and other countries from the application code or adsense account and is available immediately. Is it true?
#2. blogger and own website (.com domain) account through the application of what is in the advantage & disadvantage?
#3. Developed countries and our country from the account from the account of the advantage / disadvantage.

Answer :

#1. True. However, it does not violate Google. Because, your country Bangladesh. Problem to be verified and the money. Or someone with the same name of the bank account to be addressed.
#2. There is no advantage & disadvantage. However, WordPress SEO site will get more benefits, do not get on Blogger.
#3. There is no advantage & disadvantage. All the facilities are equal.

Question 23 :

What are the types of Adsense? And What is the difference between them?

Answer :

Generally two types of AdSense. Hosted Adsense & Non Hosted Adsense. The only real difference between … Hosted on Youtube & Blogger, Google’s site to use. Is available on its own account and Non Hosted Adsense.

Question 24 :

Brother, I want to create a site with mobile reviews. But the thing is, one of the mobile’s features. What is unique here is to write. And if the mobile phone’s photo is taken from the company’s site, then Google will have copy of Right? Adsence approve within 1 month? I can on page & off page seo. 1 month after you get the chance to apply adsence What if? And what if the reviews are good. Visitor 100-200 per day will approve what?

Answer :

GSMARENA.Com write this quality post. The content on mobile specification to write 2-4 lines can be written-down. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about. Gradually able to write well. The site not only made 1 month to 1 year to the spell. If not, it will not be able to succeed.

—- Taking picture of the company’s copyright case there’s a problem. If you take the title and change the image size. – A site I found Approval 13 days. Content and SEO loudly. Normally it is better to take 40-50 days.
—- If you like the content to be approved in addition to the visitor. However, if the traffic below 1000, can not earn a good income.

Let’s go know-unknown of ” Google Adsense Approve ” 40 questions and answers. [part-4]

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