HomeGoogle AdsenseLet’s go know-unknown of ” Google Adsense Approve ” 40 questions and answers. [part-4]

Let’s go know-unknown of ” Google Adsense Approve ” 40 questions and answers. [part-4]

Let’s go know-unknown of ” Google Adsense Approve ” 40 questions and answers. [part-3]

Question 25 :

How to get Adsense? How Adsense will hold and how much Income do?

Answer :

According to the rules of Google Adsense sites as if they are found to apply. Google AdSense for retention and can not be any breach of the terms. Visitors will need to earn more and more. So, you must be know SEO.

Question 26 :

If publish 100% unique article with images taken from Google will have any problem?

Answer :

Should not be a problem of copyright-free images. Imoge will change the title and size.

Question 27 :

1 Top LVL Domain Hosting Blogger and transporting it in 15 days with 300 Word with 100% unique article smallseotools.com/plagiarism-checker 15 days of the post, then Apply, then what shall we? And that’s not the NoN hosted Adsense, is not it? Worepress free Hosting apply what can be done? would approve?

Answer :

The answer to all your questions will not be approved. Site Dose Not Complete with Google Policy shows the problem.

Question 29 :

Brother how old is the site need to get Adsense? What else does it take to post some kind of SEO?

Answer :

Google is the main condition high quality content, and create 1 top-level domain site. After 40-50 days to 40-50 at the unique site to publish the article. On About, Privacy, Contact us & DMCA pages to publish, just like you. All posts will be submitted to the site in Google Webmaster. Then the light in social media marketing. After 50-60 days of age of the site to apply the Google AdSense. AdSense does not take time to be approved.

Question 30 :

My site has 15-20 articles & About, Contact, privacy policy pages. The site is about 1 year old. Now, Can I apply for Adsense or Adsense for me to do?

Answer :

You can apply with any site. But with all the sites will not be approved. Better compliance with Google’s policy on post 30. Then apply.

Question 31 :

How can be raised Google adsense money?

Answer :

December, 2013 until we checked out all the cash would. Short takes months to cash. EFT is now. 4-5 days to come up with the money directly to the bank. I puff with Dutch Bengali Bank. Many Brac up with, there is no problem.

Question 32 :

Brother, .com Domain admin can be found on the Bangla blogging?

Answer :


Question 33 :

Hosted AdSense account as a payment method to add to DBBL Mobile Banking? What is usually a series of bank accounts to add?

Answer :

Hosted AdSense account, you can add as DBBL Mobile Banking as a payment method. I did not use. Perhaps, Account No. Mobile Banking is the number of places.

Question 34 :

AdSense Hubpage found that, with it’s own website AdSense from what is the difference ?

Answer :

found on its own website and found a 3rd party, it is not one thing. This will cut your account % commission.

Question 35 :

After getting adsense approve or elsewhere if my site banner site of the cpa related niche or promotion of any product, and then adsense would be no problem?

Answer :

The promotion / cpa something breaks on the Google policy, if the use is not advised. However, Amazon & Adsense can be used on the same site. Is not a problem.

Let’s go know-unknown of ” Google Adsense Approve ” 40 questions and answers. [part-5]

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