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Only 5 ways to save smartphone from heat.

Processing consistently to increase the power and big battery with the fast-charging technology used to work as a result of the time now smartphone fast hot. Charging, listening to music, or any other app at the date of the problem See more. Even though this issue was a hardware problem. And then, if you know a few tricks smartphone is too hot to be brought down.

 These are….

1. Smartphone cover to heat stuck inside. So phone charge or time in a long, long time to use the phone cover case can be kept open. This smartphone will be too hot.

2. Charging phone in time for bed or sofa apart instead of any high to keep in the heat. It will come out in bed. But if you leave or sofa apart from the heat and can’t be. So smartphone extra hot.

3. in some long time to charge phone so with the device is so hot. He left this for us to be noticed. Phone full charge, after it from the charger is open to love If you don’t do it. Battery loss can be.

    4. is some apps that are processing power on its too much pressure. So the device is too hot. This means that the apps that indirectly smartphone extra hot. So bring them & Smartphone app from these Unsubscribe to install.

5. A phone charger and battery to use another phone or device to be extra hot. He can go for a smartphone for specific charger and battery to be used.

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