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can be Video record in youtube

No work can be done on the computer or video recording tutorial youtube. However, you must own a channel for sharing the medium of video.


Have to do……….

Using Google Chrome browser with your Gmail account, go to Web addresses must be signed. Live streaming on YouTube, you’ll see the name of a facility. You can use it to record a video.

To record a video

Open a new tab and type chrome browser The live streaming of the events click on the button below. Click the New Live Event button on the right. Create a New events of the basic info,  that you want to make the video title, description, type, etc. Now click on the button GO LIVE.

Then, a message will be called, will be Google Hangouts and show live video webcam will be turned on. The next task is to hit him.  Hangout video display options can be viewed directly on the pages turn. If you do not want to show the video with the webcam turned on, then go to the page with the mouse on the webcam icon to close it down. Similarly, the sound recording can be turned on or off. Click the left mouse button, and screenshare the leaves. Share Your Google Hangout window will open and the screen. Select the desired option. If you want to record the work of the whole desktop screen, select the Share button and press enter. Screen sharing will be turned on the computer. Then press the button, a message will be broadcast on the Start page. There again, pressing him to work in the computer, it will be recorded. This private recording. During the recording, and one can not see it. When you’re done recording, click the button to stop the broadcast. The YouTube video dashboard ( left. You can see the video recording. This is the video down, or Google Drive, you can share it with someone else.

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