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Learn to Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a series of changes to improve a website. These changes may be not seen separately, but overall comfortable browsing through a site and greatly increases the organic or natural search results lead to sites to top positions. Everyone wants a blog or website using Google or Bing search engine-results pages (SERP) – to keep the upper hand. This is why effective search engine optimization as search engines, allowing the content of the website or search engine result pages quickly finds (SERP) will show early.

For New bignner needs to know to learn SEO.

1.What is SEO?
2.What are search engines and how does it work?
3.What the search engine results pages (SERP) & Basic Idea?
4.Many types of SEO.
5.SEO often can be heard explaining some common words.

Before you start learning SEO will be some things to keep in mind.


On page optimizations

step by step, have some instructions :

1.On Page Optimization What is this? And why?
2.What will be the SEO of a website to get started?
3.What is Page Rank? And why?
4.Page Rank (PR) How to check.
5.Alexa Rank check what and how and details.
6.Web Rank toolbar.
7.Mozilla Web Rank installed.
8.install Google Chrome Web ranked.
9.What are the keywords? Why?
10.What is Keyword Research and Analysis and its importance.
11.Google Keyword Tool (planar) with the help of keyword research.
12.What are meta tags and why?
13.How to create meta tags?
14.Meta tag placement by blogger.com.
15.All In One SEO Pack for WordPress plugins and installation process.
16.WordPress home page meta tags placement.
17.separate meta placement of the pages. (Image Alter Tag) and why?
18.Website be submitted to Google (directly from here originally launched SEO)
19.Google Webmaster tools (Google Webmaster Tool) and why?
20.Google webmaster to Verifed website (FTP and File Manager through)
21.Google webmaster verifed website (via meta tag)
22.What are Sitemaps? And why?
23.create a sitemap and upload.
24.submit your Sitemap to Google.
25.Complete detailed reviews with Google Webmaster Tools.
26.Introduction to Google Analytics tool.
27.Google Analytics code integration (WordPress platform).
28.Google Analytics Tools and reviews of the various options.
29.What is bounce rate, its importance?
30.Windows Live account is open.
31.Yahoo and Bing to be submitted at the site (joint submission)
32.Bing Webmaster Tools (Bing Webmaster Tools) What, Why, and other verification.
33.What is Anchor Text?
34.How to create. WordPress CMS
35.Modification of the content.
36. Modification Blogger blog content.
37.useful content or SEO article writing.
38.Permalink What?


Off page optimizations

step by step, have some instructions :

1.This is about ideas.
2.What is the importance of, and why?
3.What is the link sharing? What is Google doing this?
4.What is spaming? Off-page Optimization
5.What to do?
6.Link Building, Link Sharing, Backlink these the relationship between them is the difference?
7.Social Bookmarking (social bookmarks) and why?
8.Mozilla browser with one click, social bookmarking.
9.social bookmarking Google Chrome browser with a single click.
10.Social bookmarks for evidence of the client at the end of the work that you submit.
11.What comment backlink?
12.Work for comment backlink proof or evidence of job creation, which will be submitted to the end client.
13.Do Follow and No Follow backlink and what is the difference between them?
14.IP (Internet Protocol) address and why?
15.How do you check your IP address?
16.Practical use of a proxy server through adson mozilla.
17.Practical proxy server through the use of tools in Google Chrome.
18.What and why is it important guest posting. Proof of posting or doing guest.
19. work demonstrates that the work will be submitted to the end client.
20. .edu and .gov backlinks is important and why?
21.forum and why?
22.Profile Link Building, a forum signature, and what the relationship is between them.
23.Creating a Practical link profile.
24.Profile of the report is to create a link.
25.Practical sessions forum posting.
26.Forum for posting jobs at the end of the report which you submit client.
27.Directory and Directory Submission and why is important.
28.What Article Submission and its importance.
29.to Google’s search strategy.
30.How do you find links for link building.
31.Link Building to get links to helpful websites.
32.What is the web site and the importance of 2.0 ?
33.Web 2.0 link building.
34. (2.0) Web site or proof of work to create reports.
35.link wheel and why?
36.Practical link wheel.
37.practically link the wheel.
38.use the robots file.
39.a variety of Google algorithm updates the very beginning of the lecture, about 30 minutes more.

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