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How to prepare oral saline, make a cup of tea & wash clothes?

How to prepare oral saline:

Oral saline is not medicine but it saves our lives in the case of dehydration such as diarrhoea. Its preparation is very easy and we can do it at home. It takes various steps. First, we need a glassful of half litre cool distilled water. Then one table spoonful of sugar and 1/4 tea spoonful of edible salt is added to it and next, 1/4 tea spoonful edible tea soda. After that this mixture is to be stired till all the ingredients mix up well. Finally, the oral saline is ready for us.

How to make a cup of tea:

It is esay to prepare a cup of tea. First boil a cup of water in a pot. When it has boiled for a little while, put one tea-spoonful of tea-leaf or tea-dust in it and continue to boil for a little more. Then put the liquor in a tea-cup through a strainer. Then add one or two tea spoonfuls of sugar and one or two spoofuls of milk, and the tea is prepared. But there may be varieties of tea for varieties of taste. Some may prefer tea without milk or sugar or may take them in different proportions. Some may add a little lemon juice to liquor instead of sugar and milk. Some may have strong or light liquor. Some would have saccharine instead of sugar for health reasons. However, it generally takes five to ten minutes to prepare a cup to tea.

How to wash clothes:

To wash dirty clothes, first take a piece of washing soap and rub it on wet clothes. Use warm water for some time. The clothes should be allowed to remain in soap water for some time then bring the dirt out and rinse them thoroughly. Finally wring them and put them on the clothes-line to dry up. But if there is a washing machine, the method is altogether different. Simply turn the machine on. Put some soap in it and then put the clothes. The machine automatically does the washing. Then take them out and put them in another machine for drying up.

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