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What is Domain & Hosting… Lest’s go know.

Online World, big know – unknown so much value of something about every day.
Today is that write about the subject that is the domain and hosting (domain and hosting).
Domain and hosting online world most of the people is to old. Domain and hosting the
subject of interest to know. I hope the fact that clearly be trying to catch up.

Domain and Hosting


Simple words is a web site to the domain name is called as we know facebook url is www.facebook.com .Here, only the domain name is facebook.com.

Now the question is how and with whom we can get this domain?

The Earth is the domain of the burdens of all burdens cell by icann company. Icann is a non organization. This is from like your wish that you may have to buy the domain (must call out to be free).

Ex: Itdesh.Com (this is a domain).

Top level Domain is .Com Net. Org. Info etc. Top Level Domain. (it is said to buy these domain)

>A top-Level Domain Price: price Rs. 850-1000 for 1 years until the money can be.

blog.com, xtgem.com, .Blogspot.Com, .tk etc Free Domain. (it is said these domain begging)

Web site building is hosting . Work of a web site that will be across the same place that site hosting. We see any web site some text and multimedia (Picture / video) to be made with Could not. This is that place or bit
him captured that site hosting. Hosting Types of shared, reseller, Vps…. etc.
Price: Rs. 500 to 100000+ money and can be. I don’t know the whole thing just understand properly. However, if all is well from the domain and hosting with an example, be reminded.

  • 1. you have a home.
  • 2. home on 1 acres of the land.
  • 3 . home address 750/6
    Dhanmondi, Dhaka.

Website: melt say in

  • 1. at your home content on your site.
  • 2. Home land is your web site
  • 3. Home address is web site

Everyone will be fine and pray for me.

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